Practice CyberExams

All of Advanced Flight Theory’s professional theory courses contain our Practice CyberExams for each subject, including a personalised Usercode and Password with four Marking Credits per subject.     

While our Practice CyberExams do not contain actual CASA exam questions, they are designed to ensure you become familiar with the style and workload involved in the actual CASA PEXO Exam and help you become familiar with the layout and format of the exams. The sole purpose of our Practice CyberExam system is to help you determine if you are fully prepared to attempt the actual CASA PEXO Exams for each subject.     

Our Practice CyberExams have proven to be very popular with our students. Since our system was first created, we have had over 7500 different aeroplane and helicopter pilots attempt our exams and approximately 20,000 Practice CyberExams are sat via our system every year.

While the CASA PEXO Exam system has been designed to be viewed using a Microsoft Windows operating system with Microsoft Internet Explorer, a version of our exams called “Simple Mode” has been created to work on all browsers/platforms/devices (including Apple computers and iPhone/iPad). Simple Mode uses no scripts, backgrounds or images to ensure compatibility with all systems. When generating your exam the system detects which browser you are using and displays in either “Full CASA Simulation” for Windows Internet Explorer or “Simple Mode” for other browsers and devices. The primary purpose of Advanced Flight Theory Practice CyberExams is to replicate the appearance of the CASA PEXO Exam System so students become totally familiar with the appearance and features of the CASA system, so where possible we recommend you use Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Internet Explorer to get the most realistic simulation of the CASA PEXO Exams. Other browsers simply can’t display the pages or run the scripts in the same manner as the actual CASA PEXO Exams, however our “Simple Mode” version has all features other than the appearance of the CASA PEXO Exam System.

For more information on our Practice CyberExam system please read our Frequently Asked Questions.     

Please click here for a demonstration of our system.