NZ TTMRA Convert

The Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act (TTMRA)

The Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act allows professional qualifications like flight crew licences to be used in both Australia and New Zealand with very little restriction.

New Zealand pilots who wish to study or train for flight crew licences in Australia and then obtain a CASA flight crew licence, should first read the CASA Guide To Applying For Australian Flight Crew Qualification based on recognition of New Zealand Flight Crew Qualifications under the Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act.

Once you have a CASA flight crew licence and you wish to take it back to New Zealand and have a NZ CAA licence issued, you should read For Australian Pilots – getting your licence recognised in New Zealand from the NZ CAA website.

If you are coming to Australia you must contact CASA Flight Crew Licencing directly for confirmation of the requirements. DO NOT plan your study and flight tests until you have first confirmed exactly what is expected of you by CASA, after they have considered your personal circumstances.