AFT Practice Heading and Groundspeed Calculations for ATPL(H) Flight Planning

Please Note

For AFPH Flight Planning calculations the standard 2 Engines Operating TAS is 140 kt and for One Engine Inoperative (OEI) the standard TAS is 100 kt, so for this RQG those are the only TAS given.

While being asked for a heading is within the CASA Syllabus, the most common calculation is determining a Ground Speed, so focus on that with a tolerance of plus/minus 2 knots being acceptable.

The drift angle has been given in the answers only to assist students using a CR3 type circular computer with the Effective TAS correction. A negative drift angle represents Right Drift while a postive drift angle is Left Drift.

Slide Computers are much easier to use for this exam!

Step One

Given the Wind, TAS and Track details in the data boxes below, do your own calculation of the resulting Groundspeed and you can check the Heading if you like.

Step Two

Click the "Display Answers" button to see if your calculation matches the numbers that appear in the answer boxes.

  Flight Plan Data
   Wind Speed in Knots
   Wind Direction in Degrees Magnetic
   True Airspeed in Knots
   Track in Degrees Magnetic


Ground Speed Knots
Heading Degrees Magnetic
Drift Angle Degrees