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Advanced Flight Theory is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and specialist aviation theory school based at the Sunshine Coast Airport, Queensland Australia. Our company offers the highest quality fully accredited ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) and non accredited CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) theory courses and overseas licence conversions to aeroplane and helicopter pilots from all over Australia, the South Pacific region and around the world.

We also provide the best personalised service available, taking care of all of our student’s training, accommodation and administrative requirements.

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NEW Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) Helicopter Course

Now that BAK is a mandatory Syllabus topic to study under the CASR Part 61 Regulations, we have developed a BAK course which covers the complete Syllabus as per the Manual of Standards.

We have had confirmation from CASA that although a pass in BAK is no longer a pre-requisite for either PPL or CPL theory examinations, a pass in BAK is required prior to conducting either a PPL or CPL flight test. This means a candidate presenting for a PPL(H) or CPL(H) flight test, would be expected to be able to show evidence of a pass in BAK. By including BAK study in our course, students will meet the theory standard for either a Part 5 or Part 61 licence which will provide flying schools with optimum flexibility during the transition period.

The BAK course will provide students with an introduction to aviation industry terms and concepts and provides beneficial pre-study for the more difficult topics contained in the CPL Helicopter Syllabus. BAK introduces the majority of the 7 CPL subjects which students will later study in depth in the CPL theory course. In particular, it provides a relaxed introduction for the following subjects: Navigation, Aircraft General Knowledge, Aerodynamics and Operations, Performance and Planning. Studying BAK will make the CPL level theory significantly easier to comprehend as it provides an important foundation on which to build higher level knowledge. From 1st September 2014, we recommend all Commercial students study BAK regardless of whether they intend to obtain either a Part 5 or Part 61 licence.

NEWS FLASH – Flight & Duty Times

Both “CAO 48.0/48.1 dated 2004″ and the new “CAO 48.1 Instrument 2013″ are current documents and may be used in exams where CAOs are permitted. As a transition period exists in relation to these CAOs until 30 April 2016, questions may be asked relating to either in CASA exams. Where appropriate, a comment may be placed with a question to guide the candidate as to which version of CAOs the question is examining. After 30 April 2016, the 2004 version of CAO 48.0/48.1 will be repealed and no longer used for any flight and duty time questions.

A common request we get from students who would like extra revision or more practice in certain areas of the CASA syllabus, is for additional questions or examples to work through.

Rather than simply make up a list of set questions, where the student does the same questions over and over, we have now developed a series of internet based question generators that create new and totally unique questions every time a student clicks the button.

With literally millions of combinations of question data possible, our students can spend as long as they like on a topic and can do as many unique examples of each type of question as they want, without any danger of just learning the answer to set questions.

After you submit your answer to a question, you will get your result and a fully worked solution with detailed explanation of the calculation involved, to ensure you fully understand the process.

The second example generates MACH to TAS conversion examples for ATPL(A) Flight Planning students.

The first example generates questions requiring the calculation of Density Height.

Please try it and tell us what you think.

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