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Advanced Flight Theory is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and specialist aviation theory school based at the Sunshine Coast Airport, Queensland Australia. Our company offers the highest quality fully accredited ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) and non accredited CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) theory courses and overseas licence conversions to aeroplane and helicopter pilots from all over Australia, the South Pacific region and around the world.

We also provide the best personalised service available, taking care of all of our student’s training, accommodation and administrative requirements.

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CASA is undertaking a system upgrade to their Aviation information Management System (AiMS) between 5:00 pm Tuesday 30th June until 8:00 am Wednesday 8th July inclusive. This will have an impact on CASA’s services during this period, and in particular with the conduct of exams in PEXO, in that:

1. During this period, it will not be possible to make any new exam bookings; and
2. Any bookings that have already been made, cannot be amended during this time.

Candidates who have bookings in place before the AiMS is taken ‘off line’ will be able to complete their exam as booked.

The Invigilator will still be able to print out ‘place cards’ and candidates’ KDRs in the normal manner, it is just that new bookings or amending of bookings will not be possible.

We realise that this may cause some difficulties for all concerned, but the upgrade to AiMS is an essential task and cannot be done without impacting CASA’s services. We ask that you pass this information on so that candidates who are hoping to do exams during this time, can have their bookings in place prior to 5 pm on the 30th June. Thank you.


Gavin Secombe
Flight Crew Licensing / PEXO Examiner
Industry Permissions Division
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Telephone: 61 2 6217 1451
Fax Number: 61 2 6217 1450

A common request we get from students who would like extra revision or more practice in certain areas of the CASA syllabus, is for additional questions or examples to work through.

Rather than simply make up a list of set questions, where the student does the same questions over and over, we have now developed a series of internet based question generators that create new and totally unique questions every time a student clicks the button.

With literally millions of combinations of question data possible, our students can spend as long as they like on a topic and can do as many unique examples of each type of question as they want, without any danger of just learning the answer to set questions.

After you submit your answer to a question, you will get your result and a fully worked solution with detailed explanation of the calculation involved, to ensure you fully understand the process.

The second example generates MACH to TAS conversion examples for ATPL(A) Flight Planning students.

The first example generates questions requiring the calculation of Density Height.

Please try it and tell us what you think.

Advanced Flight Theory leads the way in dedicated aviation theory instruction.

We offer the only one stop shop for all of your theory requirements.

  • Full-time and Distance Learning Courses
  • Accommodation arranged
  • Pilot Supply Shop stocked with all of the CASA Documents and Charts
  • After hours course support and dedicated theory instructors
  • Over 5250 pilots have successfully studied with Advanced Flight Theory
  • The absolute best Practice CyberExam system available

Advanced Flight Theory provides our students with the most innovative training material available. We guarantee to stick with you until you have passed your CASA PEXO Exams.

Once you are an AFT student, you will always be part of our AFT team!

Advanced Flight Theory